About Us

Masjid Faizul Islam is situated in the inner-city area of Birmingham known as Aston, located within a very busy shopping area and easy walking distance of Villa Park, home of Aston Villa Football club.

Our Masjid takes pride in its heritage of diversity, open-mindedness and community building. Our rich and diverse community comprising a wide spectrum of people originally from Africa, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Asia and other Asian countries.

In addition to the purely religious activities, our Masjid offers a diverse range of services: Education, Bereavement, Matrimonial, Counselling, Outreach, Relief and Youth Programmes.

Madrassa Faizul Islam Witton Masjid is a registered Charity under Charity Number 516543 with the Charity Commission.

MADRASSA FAIZUL ISLAM WITTON MASJID – 516543 (charitycommission.gov.uk)

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Pillars of Islam

  • Shahadah
  • Salah
  • Sawm
  • Zakat
  • Hajj

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