Funeral Service

Our Funeral Services is, non for profit, run by our local volunteers and support staff with the intention of being there for our community at the time of their greatest need.

Adherence to the ways of our beloved Prophet (s.w.w) is integral in the way we operate and therefore during all the stages our imams and experienced brothers and sisters are always at hand to provide guidance.

At present our Funeral Service has been discontinued due to health and safety and Covid-19 considerations, however we have made arrangements with other Funeral Directors and Undertakers who can support members of our Community as and when required.

We are seeking alternative arrangements in the interim for ghusal and cold storage, whilst we solution a longer term on site provision. May Allah help us in our endeavours.

We hope to have our own Masjid service operational in the near future, InshaAllah, where we will have our own Covid compliant wash, storage and transport provision.

The masjid is still open to the community to use for the bereaved families, for funeral prayers and separate areas are dedicated for brothers and sisters, accessible throughout the day.