The Noble Rasool said, “The best person is the one who benefits the people.”(Kanz-ul-‘Ummal, vol. 8, pp. 53, Hadees 44147)

We believe that by harnessing the passion and skills of our volunteers, we can achieve more for our wider Community.   We aim to deliver a sector leading volunteering experience so that our volunteers enjoy supporting us.

To ensure that volunteers are at the forefront of everything we do, we aim to:

  • Ensure that our volunteers understand what we expect from them, and what they can expect from us in return.
  • Attract volunteers with the right skills to support our Charity.
  • Deliver a sector leading volunteering experience, through processes and ways of working, which makes it enjoyable and easy to engage.

There are so many highly skilled and talented professionals who would like to make a difference and volunteer their services to the Masjid and Community, please review our Volunteering Policy and put your name forward.

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